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Note:  All spiritual essays should be considered solely as the author's own thoughts
and views on the matters being discussed and not the views of any organized
Jewish or Christian religious denomination.  Although the Jewish National Fund is
designated for making contributions, this does not imply that the Jewish National
Fund adopts these thoughts or views or that it is in any way associated with them.
Personal Development
And Creativity

Eagle Storm

I Dreamed Of California

Free Guitar Method Book

Shape Shifter - 3D Guitar Method
Spiritual Essays

All Together Now
The Duty of Kings and Priests
Survival of the Tribe
December 2018

V'techezena Einenu October 2018

Addendum To Request For Addition To The Siddur
October 2016

Tribunal - Last Vestige of Hope July 2016

Who Can It Be Now? February 2016

Messiah January 2016

Request For Addition To The Siddur
September 2012

Standing At The Gates (Scripture Only)
September 2018

Standing At The Gates (Fancy) August 2009

Standing At The Gates (Plain Print) August 2009
Shalom Aleichem - Baruch Hashem
Free Books, Poetry, and Essays - by Mark Sostrin
Honoring the Hebrew Messiah
Please Pray For Israel And Jerusalem
Brand New Guitar Book!

March 2019

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Musical Role Playing For Guitar:

"A Fun Way To Bring It On Home"

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